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دانشگاه علوم پزشکی ایران
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Introducing Rasul Akram Educational and Therapeutic Complex
The hospital was established in 2006 and the hospital education department has been active since the beginning of the hospital's operation; In the year 3, three buildings were built by the Prophet (peace be upon him) and the Prophet (peace be upon him) and became the complex of the Prophet. This educational health complex is now one of the educational centers of Iran University of Medical Sciences.
As the largest teaching hospital of Iran University of Medical Sciences, the center is staffed by 237 distinguished professors of various fields and specialties of Bahrand. Currently, the center accommodates 480 specialized and specialty assistants in various fields.
The degree of accreditation has been determined by the Office of Supervision and Accreditation of Vice-Chancellor in 1396.
Hospital facilities and services
   The center has 29 departments, including emergency departments, ICU Emergency, CCU, ICU Post, ICU Surgery, ICU Internal Medicine, ICU Neonatal, Pediatric, Surgery 1, Surgery 2, Surgery 3, Neurology, Neurology, IC Neurology, Obstetrics, Gynecology, Orthopedics, ENT, Internal 2, Psychiatry, Nephrology, Internal 1, Blood, Skin, ICU, Pain, Angiography, General Internal Transplantation Allergy, Immunology, Psychiatry.
The average number of active beds in the complex is 640 beds
Fixed beds 700 beds
860 beds approved

Complex clinics include:
           Skull Base Clinic - Sleep Memory - Cardiac Arrhythmia - Heart Failure - Cardiac Surgery - Internal Heart - Pregnant Cardiac Heart - ECG - Lung - Endocrinology - Rheumatology - Internal - Infectious - Nutrition - Gastroenterology - Transplantation - Urology - Transplantation Colorectal - Wound and Ostomy - Laparoscopy - Thoracic Surgery - Head and Neck Surgery - General Surgery - Dermatology Clinic - Orthopedics - Sports Medicine - Traditional Medicine - Eye - Anesthesia - Pain - Psychology - Nephrology - ENT - Pediatrics - Oncology - Genetics - Radiotherapy Gynecology, Chemotherapy, Thalassemia, Family Planning, Vaccination, Forensic Clinic, Allergy Clinic, Laser, Laboratory, Specialized Ophthalmology Clinics Including: Orbit, Glaucoma, Goblin Ophthalmic Raw Strabismus, Neuropathology, Eye Angiography, Retina, Ultrasound, BetaCom, OCT, Perimetry, Cornea, Ophthalmic Cosmetic Surgery-Optometry-LASIK-Neurosurgery Clinic-Internal Neurology-Neurosurgery-Paraclinic-Neurosurgery-Neurosurgery Nervous-dressing and plastering

Complex imaging and diagnostic facilities include:
MR 5 / 1. Tesla-CT Scan-Digital Radiology-Ultrasound-Doppler-TCD-Adult Echo-Adult Echo-Pediatric Cardiac Echo-Exercise Test-Lung Test-Allergy Test-Nuclear Medicine
Complex Research Centers:
Eye, Otolaryngology, Gastrointestinal, Colorectal, Minimally Invasive Surgery, Infectious Diseases, Children, Occupational Medicine, Pain, Skull Rule, Microbial Resistance, Injuries, Infectious Diseases, Pediatric Sports Medicine
Complex treatment units:
Emergency Department - ICU Emergency Unit - CCU Unit - CCU Unit Post - Internal ICU Unit - Internal ICU Unit - Internal Medicine - Infectious Diseases - Neonatal Unit ICU - Children ICU Unit - Pediatric ward- General surgery ward- Breast cancer surgery ward- Colorectal surgery ward- Cervical cancer ward- Kidney ward- Gastroenterology department- Gynecology department- Neurosurgical department- Internal department of neurosurgery- Eye department- Ear pharynx- Orthopedic ward - Psychosomatic ward - Internal medicine department - General ward - Dermatology department - Nephrology ward - Transplant ward - OPU ward - Angiography ward - Cardiac surgery ward - Laparoscopic ward - Lung ward - Chemotherapy ward - Endoscopic section Of, ERCP- dialysis-section PAIN
Paraclinical Sections of the Complex:
Physiotherapy - Skin Laser - Eye Laser - Auditory - Odor Test - Nutrition - Vaccination - Laboratory - Sport Medicine - Physical Medicine - Occupational Health - Obesity Clinic - Optometry - Medicine Physical and Rehabilitation-Family Planning-Division
Forensic Medicine- Dressing & Tucking Department- Sleep Testing- Therapeutic Work- Speech Therapy

Integrated Operations Room:
General operating room with 10 beds - Eye and brain surgery room with 12 beds - Nose ear operating room with 5 beds
Integrated Surgery Services:
General Surgery- Breast Cancer Surgery- Colorectal Surgery- Cervical Cancer Surgery- Kidney Surgery- Gastrointestinal Surgery- Cervical and Thyroid Surgery- Orthopedic Specialty Surgery Including: Hand, Shoulder, Knee, Knee Surgery - Kidney transplant surgery - Pediatric kidney transplant surgery - Cardiac surgeries - Pediatric cardiac surgeries - Specialty ophthalmic surgeries - Thoracic surgery - Dermatologic surgeries - Gynecological surgeries - Cranial surgeries Minimally Invasive Surgery - Neurosurgery - Parkinson's Surgery - Cochlear Surgery - LASIK Surgery - Vascular Surgery - Obesity Surgery - Plastic Surgery
Hospital Address: Iran , Tehran,Sattarkhan Ave. Nayayesh Ave., Hazrat Rasool Akram Educational Complex  Phone: 64341
Website: http://hrmc.iums.ac.ir/